5 Reasons L.A. Lakers Fans Should Be Giddy for the Start of Training Camp

The start of training camp always comes with renewed hope and high expectations, neither of which are new to the L.A. Lakers. But this season, the hype is out of control, even by the Lakers’ elevated standards.

Of course, that tends to happen when you add a point guard with a pair of MVP awards and the world’s most dominant defensive center.

Unlike the Chris Paul fiasco of a year ago, the Lakers are certain of their roster heading into camp. Their starting five is etched in stone and the bench, while thin, has a couple of useful pieces in Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks. Outside of Steve Blake’s unfortunate run-in with a spike strip, things have been quiet in L.A. Or, at least as quiet as they can be, considering the high profiles of their new acquisitions.

Plus, the Lakers are going to institute their third offensive scheme in three years. Instead of a stagnant, stand-around attack, the constant motion and precision off-ball cuts of the Princeton offense should help the Lakers better utilize their considerable talent this year.

Without having played any games yet, preseason or otherwise, there haven’t been any tangible victories for Lakers fans to rejoice over. But enthusiasm based on pure hope is the best kind. And at this juncture, that’s all there is.

Here are five reasons L.A. Lakers fans should be positively giddy about the start of training camp.

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