5 Pau Gasol Trade Packages That Make Sense for LA Lakers to Pursue

Trading Pau Gasol is going to be difficult on multiple levels.

Emotionally, it's going to be hard for the Los Angeles Lakers to part with Gasol after he helped hang a few championship banners. There's an attachment there, even if it's in the best interest of both parties to separate at this point.

Logistically, it's going to be tough to find a team that's interested in Gasol that can give back solely expiring deals and an asset like a draft pick. Gasol's salary worth $19.3 million is about as massive as they come.

Realistically, Gasol might need to get on the floor again before a team forfeits an asset for a rental of damaged goods. Gasol is reportedly sidelined for the next two weeks with a groin injury, and the trade deadline is just 16 days away.

There are quite a few hurdles for the Lakers to overcome to trade Gasol, but here are five trade packages that might fit get the job done.

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