5 Dark-Horse Candidates for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2015 NBA Draft

In all likelihood (fingers crossed!) the Los Angeles Lakers are going to end up with one of the first five picks in the 2015 NBA draft. With the fourth-worst overall record, ending up with the fourth pick would be par for the course.

The top-four draft prospects have remained relatively constant for the past several months, with the only changes coming between the group. As of yet, nobody has been able to cross the velvet ropes into that elite club. 

But what if the Lakers went off the beaten path? If they saw something special enough in somebody to rate them higher than one of the four "sure things" in the draft, who would it be?

And let's not forget their late first-round selection, courtesy of the Houston Rockets. It's an absolute crapshoot as to who L.A. would take there.

Here's a snapshot of five potential dark-horse candidates the Lakers may choose in Round 1 of the draft.

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