5 Challenges Byron Scott Faces as Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

Challenges aren't hard to come by for Los Angeles Lakers head coaches.

Byron Scott just has the pleasure—or displeasure—of facing more than usual.

Upon agreeing to a four-year deal to become the next head honcho of the Lakers, Scott has committed to a supposedly abbreviated rebuild unlike any other. He is tasked with redefining the Lakers as their quest for lasting redemption begins. 

And it's beginning right now.

Yes, right now.

Never mind that the Lakers are only one year removed from the worst season in franchise history. Or that their future is draped in uncertainty. Or that forthcoming success and imminent turnarounds are slaves to free-agency coups and late-career renaissances becoming reality.

Tomorrow begins today in Los Angeles, and there are plenty of things standing between Scott, the Lakers and their ability to make the day after tomorrow an adequate representation of what they want it to be: bigger and better.

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