5 Best Value Free Agents for L.A. Lakers to Pursue in 2015 NBA Free Agency

Winning in the NBA is about extracting the most value possible out of your players. When players outperform their contracts, their teams pick up extra wins.

The Los Angeles Lakers must comb through the free agent market to find players capable of providing the most bang for their buck.

Acquiring superstars is the surest way to see that happen. With the ceiling of maximum salaries restricting the earning power of the top players in the game, the best of the best easily outplay their deals. 

But superstars alone are not enough. You need to build a deep roster full of valuable contributors around those stars to make it to the promised land. Guys playing at or near the minimum salary who play like guys making eight figures.

Two of the best examples this past season were the San Antonio Spurs' Danny Green and the Atlanta Hawks' DeMarre Carroll. 

For $4 million, Green provided the Spurs with 7.8 Win Shares, while Carroll produced 7.0 Win Shares for a meager $2.5 million (For reference, Carmelo Anthony pumped out 2.9 Win Shares for around $22.5 million). That's insane value and a big reason why those teams were in title contention this year.

It just so happens that both men are on the free agent market this summer, but teams are going to have to spend a lot more to secure their future services.

Instead of paying the going rate for that kind of solid production, the Lakers need to find the next Green or Carroll and bank the extra wins without breaking the bank themselves.

Here are five free agents who are worthy candidates.

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