5 Best Under-the-Radar Pickups in Mitch Kupchak’s L.A. Lakers Reign

The general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers. It's a high profile position for a high profile team as Mitch Kupchak can attest to.

The only jobs that are comparable would be the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, if Jerry Jones would ever relent, relinquish control, realize how valuable they are and hire one, and the New York Yankees where Brian Cashman holds the general manager position.

Just like coaches and players, GMs can be on the receiving end of fanbase wrath. They catch heat and face more than their fair share of scrutiny and blame when things go bad.

The only glaring difference is that Kupchak can pull his "I played the game at the highest level and you didn't" card on Cashman any time he wants. 

Everyone remembers the acquisitions that made a splash.  Here are some of Kupchak's more subtle moves that still wound up being successful.

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