5 Adjustments L.A. Lakers Coaching Staff Still Needs to Make

The Los Angeles Lakers just spent an entire offseason, preseason and five games of the regular season trying to learn a new offensive system of play under the guidance of former head coach Mike Brown.

So much for "all day, every day".  Get ready for "seven seconds"—there's a new Mike in town and he's of the mind that the best defense is a good offense.

The Lakers introduced Mike D'Antoni to the media in Los Angeles on Thursday and he'll get his feet wet on Sunday when L.A. takes on the Houston Rockets.  Now all he needs are a few consecutive wins under his belt to quiet the deafening noise that is Laker Nation still weeping over the snub of Phil Jackson by management.

Coaches are all about adjustments and the Lakers staff is certainly not unique.  Aside from hiring his brother Dan as an assistant, D'Antoni says he wants to keep Brown's staff intact.  That may or may not be prudent, given that the old staff was indoctrinated to push Brown's agenda and now they'll be changing stripes in the middle of the season.

Either way, D'Antoni and staff will need to do some adjusting on the fly to make the Lakers work and get them to the NBA Finals.  Given their current makeup, it won't be easy, but this coach has as much ability as any in the game.

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