4 Lessons We Learned from Steve Nash’s Comeback Performance Friday Night

Somehow, Steve Nash returned to the Los Angeles Lakers lineup during a 117-107 loss to the Washington Wizards on Friday night, and he did so to the tune of five points and 11 assists in only 19 minutes of action. 

It was the first time the future Hall of Famer had suited up since leaving a Feb. 11 contest with the Utah Jazz after just 16 minutes of action. Nerve irritation in his back was making rehab tough for the floor general, to the point that the Los Angeles Lakers had actually ruled Nash out for the rest of the season. 

ESPN.com reported the news a week before Nash's return: 

Steve Nash won't appear in another game for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

Coach Mike D'Antoni confirmed the decision Thursday after saying earlier this month that he doubted that Nash, 40, would return after being plagued by nerve-root irritation in his left leg much of the season.

"He's not going to play," D'Antoni told reporters, according to the Los Angeles Times. "It doesn't make any sense for him to come back for 15 games, whatever."

Well. So much for that. 

Nash played, and he performed admirably. Although his efforts weren't enough to boost the futile Lakers ahead of the Wizards, he still recorded a rather impressive line, and he left an indelibly positive impression. 

Never give up. 

Nash's back issues had left some feeling as though retirement was more of a "when" than an "if." He was even officially ruled out for the season by his own team, but he still managed to beat the odds and suit up for the Lake Show. 

Hopefully this won't be a one-and-done type of appearance. But even if it is, we still managed to learn quite a bit about the 40-year-old floor general in his 19 minutes on the floor of Staples Center.


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