2016-17 NBA Season Predictions for Each L.A. Lakers Player

How can one predict the end of an NBA season before it even begins?

In the case of the Los Angeles Lakers, it begins with positive hope and ends with pragmatism.

Nobody realistically believes the Purple and Gold are headed back to their old championship stomping grounds anytime soon, but there is at least a team in place that's starting to make some sense. Gone are all the loopy experiments and basketball refugees surrounding waning and oft-injured superstar Kobe Bryant.

Here is a young and exciting nucleus with some quality veterans on multiyear deals mixed in. Add new head coach Luke Walton, and you start to get a sense of fresh purpose and even stability.

With a looser and more creative array of offensive sets and a greater willingness on the defensive end, this is going to be a much more competitive squad this year.

The joy of basketball has returned to Lakerland!

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