2013 NBA Free Agency: Why Laker Fans Should Not Want Dwight Howard Back

Once upon a time, it was a curious assertion that any marquee free agent would walk away from a $120 million contract for a $90 million one. It was downright stupid that any star wouldn't want to be paid the former amount to play for the Los Angeles Lakers under the bright lights of Hollywood, living in one of the world's premier cities and sports markets. 

And yet, here's where L.A. might be with Dwight Howard. He has the chance to immortalize himself with one of the most successful and undoubtedly most iconic franchises in NBA history, make the most money while playing with one of the five greatest players ever and capitalize on the spoils of Hollywood, potentially augmenting his "famous athlete" designation to "famous athlete and actor." 

The fact that he's ostensibly considering not diving headfirst into those responsibilities means that Dwight Howard should take his ball and go home, home being Houston. And Laker Nation shouldn't think twice about it.

This is a city that doesn't settle for second best. Sixteen championships, 31 conference titles, 23 division titles, the record-holder for the league's longest winning streak and 16 Hall of Famers, which includes Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West.

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal will undoubtedly be added to that list whenever they are eligible, and you can make a good argument for any of those players being a top-10 or 15 player in NBA history. Laker Nation defines a season's success on whether or not you raise a banner.

If that isn't your No. 1 prerogative as the highest-paid superstar or it doesn't seem like you can be the catalyst to propel the Lakers to victory? Then there's no point in having you.

Perhaps Shaq said it best during Inside the NBA. To paraphrase, Shaq didn't think Howard was going to come back to Los Angeles. According to him, he should've "signed a week...

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