2012 NBA Playoffs: The Ghost of Derek Fisher Haunts Lakers in Game 2 Loss

With 3.9 seconds to go in a must-win game and down one, wide open Derek Fisher makes that shot—point, blank, period. The Lakers did not just let a golden opportunity slip away Wednesday night, they may have just lost their only chance to win the series as well.

Now there is plenty of basketball left to be played and anything can happen, but let us be honest: Things look bleak. This was not suppose to happen, and per the media and some Lakers fans, Ramon Sessions was the missing piece and everything the Lakers needed—except he had not been a champion on any level.

When the Lakers have needed him most, Sessions has returned to his true form—now L.A. is stuck with perennial back-up Steve Blake to close out games. Gone are the clutch shots that were forgotten when fans cheered for Sessions’ forays to the basket. The Lakers have never been a regular-season team and, in turn, some of their greatest role players struggled through the regular season.

However, when called upon, they delivered—especially Fisher. In life we tend to focus on the 20 percent of what we are missing instead of enjoying the 80 percent of what we have. Fisher was a proven veteran who always delivered, while Sessions is a penetrator who is turnover-prone and devoid of any mid-range game.

Most of all, Sessions does not have the heart of a champion, and anyone who denies that at this point is not even worth talking to.

To be clear, Sessions is a good ball player, but he is not what the Lakers needed—Fisher was what the Lakers needed. There is a reason Jerry West drafted Derek Fisher and Jim Buss traded for Sessions. In short, real recognized real and West saw the heart of a warrior in Fisher, while Buss saw the 20 percent of what Fisher lacked.

Sessions has been exactly what he has always been throughout his career, and does not deserve the backlash that is buil...

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