2012 NBA Offseason: The Los Angeles Lakers Should Sign Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom's 2011-12 season was awful to say the least. He never got settled into life with the Dallas Mavericks. Had he been happy in Dallas, the Mavericks could have possibly went further in the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Mavericks, this was not the case. Instead of Lamar being there and helping the team, the Mavs had to suffer a first-round sweep against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Its almost a subject of certainty that Mavericks will buy out the last year of Odom's contract and he will be a free agent, which means that the Dallas Mavericks' chapter in Lamar Odom's book has closed and it's time for a new beginning—or shall I say renewed beginning. Going back to Los Angeles and playing for the Lakers is the best move for Lamar. He will be accepted back with open arms and can return to his status as a top sixth man in the league.

The Lakers could've used him last season to assist the bench, or lack thereof. They had one of the worst benches in the league. Lamar would be a significant upgrade from high-energy PF Josh McRoberts and the inconsistent veteran, Troy Murphy. 

That's why you get second chances in life. Chances to right the wrongs that have been created. The split between the Los Angeles Lakers and Lamar Odom was premature. We are going to consider this split as a simple separation between the two parties, and the relationship shall continue. Until Lamar Odom's retirement do them part.

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