2012 NBA Free Agency: Why Andrew Bynum for Deron Williams Would Save the Lakers

The L.A. Lakers were two complete meltdowns away from being up 3-1 on the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are still just one major move away from being the favorites to win the West in 2013, and possibly the NBA Championship.

Deron Williams needs to be brought to Lakerland. It will likely be necessary to trade Andrew Bynum for this to happen. Personally, I would do it in a heartbeat. And given the choice between swapping Bynum for D-Will or Dwight Howard? I'd say no to Orlando and not give it a minute's thought.

Deron Williams is one of the five best one-guards in the league. More importantly, he gives the Lakers so many things they've never had.

He is an alpha dog scorer who can throw up 30 if needed and rebounds well for a guard. He wants to play in a big market. Slashing and kicking is the new way to create offense in this league, and if the Lakers want to improve as a three-point shooting team, they need a creator other than Kobe.

Most importantly, D-Will will make the two other best guys on the Lakers far more effective. 

Nobody on the Lakers likes it when Kobe hogs the ball. It was a necessity this year because at times, Bynum just wasn't in it and nobody on the Lakers could make an open three. It was pathetic and unnecessarily taxing on a 33-year-old guard. Deron Williams is a brilliant scorer who has no problem helping Kobe save his legs by either scoring himself or injecting all kinds of life into a suddenly more dynamic Lakers offense. 

The other reason Kobe needed to shoot was that Paul Gasol didn't consistently present another scoring option. Now, everyone thinks his skills have diminished. That's ridiculous. Pau's game does not predicate on athleticism or physicality, so age doesn't really affect him as much. His soft touch is as good as ever.

The real reason he didn't play well was because Bynum's emergence clogged the lane, taking away from his bread and butte...

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