2012-13 NBA Season: Five Observations About the NBA Season

The 2012-13 NBA season was billed as one that would be full of drama and story lines, and as we approach the mid-way point of the 82-game marathon it has not disappointed, not by a long shot.  If 10 people made individual lists of five compelling story lines about the NBA season thus far the result may be 50 different choices (just kidding, everyone would have "what's wrong with the Lakers?" on their list). 

Lets hope the second half is as entertaining and exciting as the first half was.  Here are five things to look forward to for the NBA's stretch run.

1.  The Los Angeles Lakers should trade Dwight Howard, not Pau Gasol.

Here's a fun trivia question; which NBA team that has six former All-Stars, three MVP awards and four Defensive Player of the Year awards is also under .500?  You guessed it! It's your 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers! 

Clearly this team has underachieved and clearly this storyline has been beaten to death by everyone with a platform to do so for the past three months, but here's an angle that I have yet to hear broached by an NBA pundit yet: the Lakers should try to trade Dwight Howard.

Don't get me wrong, no one would be more annoyed to have to deal with more Dwight rumors than I would, but there is a case to be made that it would be in LA's best interest. 

It is pretty clear that Dwight and Pau cannot coexist within Mike D'Antoni's system which thrives on pick-and-roll with the point guard and center, surrounded by three shooters to space the floor. 

Dwight and Pau need to occupy the same space to be effective which makes their presence on the court at the same time redundant and ultimately hazardous to offensive execution.  If Steve Nash is unable to get both of these guys playing at a high level together then it can just about be deemed impossible. 

The consensus for the better part of the...

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