2011 NBA Playoffs: Comparing the LA Lakers and New Orleans Hornets by Position

It took until the completion of the 1,230th and last game of the 2011 NBA season, but we finally know the matchups for the first round of the upcoming playoffs.

For fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, the last day of the season couldn't have gone any better. Their team secured the second seed in the conference, avoided a possible second-round matchup with the athletic Thunder and drew what is their most favorable possible first-round opponent in the depleted New Orleans Hornets.

All is not lost for the Hornets, however (even though their 0-4 record against the Lakers in the regular season appears to make it so), as their superstar Chris Paul just happens to play the position that has routinely punished the Lakers for two to three years now.

How do the teams compare elsewhere on their rosters? Just how big is the Hornets' advantage at point guard? Can the Hornets deal with the Lakers' size? Or Kobe?

Feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree.

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