2010-11 NBA Power Rankings: Lakers and Celtics Lead the Way

With training camp almost underway, it’s time for the pre-camp power rankings. The Los Angeles Lakers are the team to beat and I look for them to three-peat despite the top heavy Miami Heat making all of the off-season noise. There are still a lot of questions to be answered, mainly when and where Carmelo Anthony will end up. Like it or not, here’s how I see things right now.


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1. Los Angeles Lakers — Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Derek Fisher, and Lamar Odom. That’s the main ingredient to winning their third straight championship and until someone knocks them off, they’re number one. Phil Jackson should have his fourth career three-peat. Prediction (60-22, NBA Champions)


2. Boston Celtics — They’re getting old, but they stormed through the East in the playoffs last season to reach the finals. They’ve added Shaq and this could be their last chance to make a run for one more ring. They have the motivation and they’re probably the smartest team in basketball. This season will be up and down, but they should be there in the end. Prediction (54-28, Eastern Conference Champs)


3. Orlando Magic — I refuse to put the Heat above the Magic. Maybe it’s because I can’t stand them, but I honestly think the Magic will go farther this year than the Heat. They’ve got the best big man in the league and a strong core around him. They’ve got the firepower to get back to the finals after taking a year off. Prediction (57-25, lose in Eastern Conference Championship)

4. Miami Heat — Call me crazy, but I strongly believe this will not be the year of the Heat. They will win a ring or two during their time together, but there’s just too many unanswered quest...

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