TSN Releases ‘The Hangover’ Parody Starring the TSN NHL Panel and the LA Kings

Even hungover, TSN is still eating ESPN’s lunch.

If Canada’s answer to ESPN is feeling groggy, disheveled and vaguely violated, it’s its own fault. The network went all out in the name of promoting its Stanley Cup coverage, releasing a parody video of The Hangover that takes you into the world of pain that is recovering from a winning a Stanley Cup.

Alongside members of the Los Angeles Kings, the TSN NHL panel—James Duthie, Darren Dreger and Aaron Ward—the cast plays out the gloriously goofy charade of a night forgotten in the city of L.A., exhibiting some creepily close resemblances to the cast and crew of The Hangover series. 

Some memorable quotes from the video:

“Ya, aboot that...we messed up...things got out of hand...”

“Dregs is in bad shape...he’s babbling incoherently at seagulls.”

“Hey guys! Ya heard Iginla got traded—to Boston! Confirmed!”

“You guys are some sick freaks.”

The panelists have a series of incredible conversations with Anze Kopitar, who—bless him—couldn’t act his way into a tree costume at a grade school Robin Hood play. Obviously, this only makes things better, and the cast plays off the awkward camera presence of the Kings players extremely well.

All said and done, the video is a triumph of broadcasting genius. In one fell swoop, the talking heads endear themselves to the public, become human beings and show their network's continued commitment to providing the news in new and entertaining ways.  

Never before have these eyes seen a network committed to sports comport itself in this manner. SportsCenter and its commercials can be hilarious but rein in the humor at mildly irreverent.

TSN went the whole nine yards and few more on this video, fully committing to the joke and damning the eyebrow...

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