Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012: Why Jonathan Quick Is a Lock to Win Conn Smythe

The Los Angeles Kings are the Cinderella story thus far in the NHL playoffs, as they have knocked off the top two seeds in the West as the eighth seed. This is an accomplishment that can be attributed to the unbelievable play in net by Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

The Conn Smythe Trophy is awarded to the most valuable player on his respective team in the NHL playoffs. There is very little argument that Quick has been the MVP so far in this year's postseason.

I have said that Quick was among the top three goalies in the league for some time now, and this year's playoffs have certainly supported those claims. 

His regular-season stats speak for themselves. He had a 1.95 GAA, with a save percentage of .929. Although this will not factor into the decision of who wins the Conn Smythe Trophy, it shows us that it is unsurprising that he has been so successful in these playoffs.

In his stellar play against the Vancouver Canucks and St. Louis Blues, he possessed a 1.55 GAA while owning a .949 save percentage. Those numbers are ridiculous, considering he played the two best teams in the Western Conference.

In addition to that, he has owned the Phoenix Coyotes thus far in the Western Conference final. In Game 1, it looked like Quick was having an off game, but he still only allowed two goals en route to a 4-2 victory.

Even not looking his best, he still turned away 25 shots on 27 attempts.

In his latest outing, Quick shut out the Coyotes, turning away all 24 shots. This brought his total playoff record this season to 10-1, which is by far the most impressive feat of any player in this postseason.

Should the Kings make it to the Stanley Cup final and win, there is no doubt in my mind that Quick will win the Conn Smythe Trophy. I cannot remember a goalie being this hot in the postseason, solidifying the case for Quick to win the award. 

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