Stanley Cup Finals 2012: Game-by-Game Predictions for Rest of Series

After what the world has seen from the Los Angeles Kings throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, few would be surprised if the Finals ended in a quick, short series with the Kings defeating the New Jersey Devils and hoisting the Stanley Cup above their heads for the very first time in franchise history.

It will be a beautiful, touching and memorable ending. 

It is highly unlikely that patterns will be broken during the remainder of the series. The Kings will dominate road games and outplay players and teams that, going into the playoffs, no one would have thought possible.

The King's will rely heavily on defense, resulting in low scoring games, but it's a strategy that works extremely well for them—well enough to do what many would have called highly unlikely a few short months ago and that’s win the cup in five games in New Jersey.

Call it destiny, call it fate, call it a Cinderella story, but Los Angeles is a city where dreams can come true, and for the Los Angeles Kings, they will. 

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