Shane Doan: Veteran Should Spurn Coyotes and Sign with LA Kings

Blame it on the ownership.

Shane Doan is a free agent and at 35 years old, he’s still without a ring. The Phoenix Coyote veteran can’t risk sticking around to see if the franchise sorts out their ownership fiasco. He must sign with a contender, because Father Time is on his doorstep.

Paul Boivin of the Arizona Republic reported that Doan’s greatest desire is to re-sign with the Coyotes, but they may give him no other choice but to leave. His agent Terry Bross was quoted saying:

It's heartbreaking for him. Heartbreaking. He's such a loyal guy. He views the team like it's his own franchise, from the equipment manager to the trainer to the people taking tickets.

As much as it would hurt to see another Phoenix legend leave for the bright lights of LA, that’s Doan’s best option. At this point in his career, fans should respect that.

In an era of sports in which LeBron James was verbally crucified for his decision to leave his hometown for greener pastures, every single player’s loyalty is put under the microscope when they become a free agent.

Fans are quick to compare athletes to LeBron on each occasion. It isn’t fair to do so, especially in a case like Doan’s. He spent his entire career with the Coyotes, and he’s been nothing but a phenomenal leader and teammate.

If Doan were to leave for the NHL champion Los Angeles Kings—one of 11 teams which, according to Boivin, has been linked to the right wing—he wouldn’t be letting the franchise down. If anything, like in the case of Steve Nash, Doan would be departing from a team that let him down.

Like Nash, Doan has stuck with Phoenix through thick and thin. The next time that he’s a free agent, his age will prevent him from having the options that he has now.

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