Paulina Gretzky Pics: Daughter of LA Kings’ Legend Parties with Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is in for the summer. While it nurses a hangover, we have another set of pictures from the seemingly endless party, this time with the famous Internet sensation Paulina Gretzky. 

She is the daughter of Kings legend Wayne Gretzky, someone who has taken umbrage with his daughter's decisions in the past. 

The oft-photographed beauty has a way of taking TwitPics of herself viral. The latest are no exception, but she does well to keep the clothes on. 

Busted Coverage tells us Gretzky was at Beacher’s Madhouse the same night the Stanley Cup partied with oompa loompas. How we missed her in our report on the matter, we will never know. 

We are here to fix such transgressions with pictures she sent via her Twitter feed of the night. 

I would like to applaud her for keeping a good amount of clothing on for her spot with the famed trophy. Perhaps Paulina has turned a corner in her maturity and is willing to remain clothed long enough to say cheese. 

The Vancouver Sun noticed the same thing when Paulina visited the Kings game prior to them clinching the only Stanley Cup in team history. 

I have to say, I rather like the new Paulina. It leaves more to the imagination and probably works wonders on poor old dad's heart. 

As for the Stanley Cup, it's living the life you only dreamed about. This summer will see it swilling with the biggest names and hardest of drinkers. 

Oh, to be young and a trophy. 


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