NHL Trade Deadline Looms: Is “The One” Available For The LA Kings?

Who is the one? Who is the Neo in the NHL trade market that the Kings are after? 

Does he exist or will Dean Lombardi stand pat on the market because it just doesn’t make sense to tap into the family savings account for a rental player who may yield goal-scoring and help them secure a deep playoff run. 

Message boards, bloggers, newspaper reporters, Tweets and other sources have the LA Kings making a big splash in the trade market. 

Is it going to happen? Who the heck knows?  Should it happen? Passionate cup-starved fans will tell you yes. Conservative, cautious fans will tell you no.   

Do the Kings have enough to win it all without a trade? Winning-streaks make it seem possible. Previous losing-streaks make it seem improbable. 

For the most part this is the same team that pushed Vancouver to six games last year.  What is different this year? There is not one thing that tells that tale. It’s a number of things. 

Here is the list:  

1)      Playoff Experience from last year for guys that previously had none

2)      The goaltending tandem is rock-solid and arguably the best in the league

3)      The defense is better than it was last year (defense wins playoffs)

4)      This team is very physical, more than last year (Clifford, Ponikarovsky, etc.)

5)      This team is healthier (Justin Williams anyone?)

6)      Their penalty-kill seems to really be clicking

7)      They are winning close games and seem to really believe


Now on the other side, here are a few reasons why people don’t believe:

1)      The power play seems...

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