NHL Playoffs: Kings Continue Unlikely Run to the Championship

I keep hearing that the Stanley Cup playoffs are the most volatile of all sports, that there are always upsets, that anything can happen. 

But not like this.

The Kings are an astonishing 11-1 in their first 12 playoff games this season, breezing to a 4-1 series victory over Vancouver, a sweep of St. Louis, and now a 3-0 lead over division rival Phoenix.That 12th win, whether it comes on Sunday, or sometime next week, will propel the Kings into the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1992 (which, incidentally, is the only time they have ever been).

It's almost like it's too easy. A regular season team with more inconsistency than the New Orleans Saints payroll is suddenly playing like a perennial powerhouse.

They have scored 37 goals in 12 games, notching a goal per game average just over 3, blowing their regular season mark of 2.29 out of the water.

The only two teams in the playoffs with higher goal per game numbers are the Penguins and Flyers, only because they played in a head to head series where defensemen weren't allowed to carry sticks. You may notice that neither of them are still around.

As for defense, an area in which the Kings excelled during the regular season (2.07 goals allowed per game), they have also shown complete dominance.

That number has shrunk to a mind-boggling 1.42 goals allowed per game, only 17 scores in 12 contests. Superstar goaltender Jonathan Quick has only allowed 3 goals in a game once, to Vancouver the game Daniel Sedin returned from a concussion. Also the Kings' only loss of the postseason. Quick has held the opposition to one or zero goals six time thus far.

So to summarize, the Kings are leading the playoffs in both offense and defense. 

It is rather overwhelming when you try to wrap your head around it. There isn't really a steadfast reason for their postseason explosion. You can cite "The Hot Goa...

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