NHL Playoffs 2012: The Western Confrence Will Win the Stanley Cup

The Western Conference Finals are possibly two games away from being finished, and are showing signs of how the Stanley Cup Finals will play out. After the first two rounds, and the start of the third, it is clear that the Western Conference will win the Stanley Cup.

The L.A. Kings have jumped out to an early series lead, just like they have in their first two series. The Kings ending the series early is just helping the Kings continue to dominate.

The NHL playoffs measure more than just a team’s talent. For a team to win it all, they have to be a united team that plays together, and most importantly, they need to avoid injuries and stay as fresh and rested as possible. 

The Eastern Conference has been a battle zone so far this postseason. The teams in the East have had longer series that have taken a much bigger toll on the them. 

The Rangers have played two seven game series, and could possibly go another seven with their rivals from the other side of the Hudson. The Devils have had a slightly easier path than the Rangers. The Devils had a hard fought series in the first round that went seven games, and then went on to beat the Flyers in five games in the second round. 

The Kings have played eleven games in the playoffs, and they have won ten of them. So far the Kings have played one more game than they had to.

If the Coyotes make a big comeback to beat the Kings, they are also rested. The Coyotes had a six game series in the first round and a five game series in the second. While the Coyotes series went longer, it never seemed like they took a big toll on the team. 

The Eastern Conference series have been a hard fought battle. The Eastern Conference teams have been beating each other down physically.

It is becoming more obvious with each game that is played that the Western Conference is gaining an advantage for the finals. 

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