NHL Playoffs 2012: Jonathan Quick Will Lead L.A. Kings to Stanley Cup Glory

Goaltender Jonathan Quick has been the hero of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs for the Los Angeles Kings, and they are going to ride his hot streak all the way to a victory in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Hot goalkeepers are to the NHL what hot quarterbacks are to the NFL when the playoffs roll around, and there isn't a hotter goalkeeper than Quick.

Did I mention he's hot?

Quick has only lost one of the nine games the Kings have played so far in the playoffs. He gave up three goals in that game. Other than that minor hiccup, he hasn't allowed more than two in any other game, including a shutout of the Vancouver Canucks in Game 3 of the opening series.

He is as quick and agile as any goalkeeper I've ever seen, and although he's smaller than most modern goalies at 6'1" and 214 pounds, he uses his body to perfection—albeit with an awkward style at times.

The way he and the Kings are playing, you'd never know that they were the No. 8 seed heading into the playoffs.

Quick's success isn't just relegated to the postseason, though. He has been playing at a high level all year long—often times carrying his low-scoring team when they were slumping on the offensive end of the ice.

Per the WCF Courier, his teammates credit his intense work ethic even more than his talent:

"What’s special about him is his desire, his never-give-up attitude," Kings forward Justin Williams said. "Even in practice, when you feel like you have an empty net, he’s always striving to stop that puck. It’s just what he loves to do. I love it when you come out and score on a goalie in practice and he says something derogatory to you. It means he wants to stop everything. That’s a great attitude, and he certainly has that."

I love a good underdog story, and Quick's strong play this postseason sets the Kings up for Stanley Cup glory from their No. 8 seed. 

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