NHL Playoff Predictions: LA Kings’ Ideal Matchup in Every Round

The Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner.

This slideshow is dedicated solely to the LA Kings fans.

The Kings have had their ups and downs this year on their way to getting into the top eight of Western Conference but now seem to be gunning to locking up a position.

Currently, in the tight Western Conference playoff race, the Kings sit in fifth place of the Conference at 41-26-6 for 88 points.

They haven't quite locked up a playoff spot as the 10th place team, the Calgary Flames, sit just three points away from them.

Assuming the Kings lock up a spot, I have predicted the best route for the team to winning the Stanley Cup.

Although deep down inside I don't want this to happen (I am a Wings featured columnist), I have been told by the wonderful people at Bleacher Report to do so.

So without further ado, here you Kings fans, your ideal way of watching your team win the Stanley Cup.


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