Los Angeles Kings: Who Would They Most Like to Face in Stanley Cup Finals?

The New Jersey Devils have tied up their Eastern Conference finals matchup with New York Rangers, tying the series at two apiece. Whoever wins two more games will make the Stanley Cup.

Although we should not count out the Phoenix Coyotes, it looks like the Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup bound. If they make the Stanley Cup finals, the question is who would they most like to face?

The a best-case scenario for the Kings is to draw the Devils in the finals. Although some might point out I'm saying this because the Rangers are the higher seeded team, it is more based off the intangibles the Rangers have that would make the Devils a better pairing.

First off, the Rangers have the goaltending to match the Kings in the finals. Although Jonathan Quick has been the hands-down best goalie this season, Henrik Lundqvist has been similarly impressive. He has continued his brilliant play in the playoffs just as Quick has done.

In that case, the finals would be dominated by impenetrable goaltending. The Rangers have the better offensive team, so this could work out poorly for the Kings.

Furthermore, if the series goes deep into the allotted seven games, the Rangers have the late-series experience to put away the Kings. In the first two playoff series' of this year's playoffs, the Rangers beat the Senators and Capitals in Game 7s.

Although the Kings have been the juggernauts of the western conference, they match up better with the Devils. The Devils also have good goaltending, but the defense allows more shots on Martin Brodeur. They would be able to pepper the net while defending the their own.

It looks like the Kings are on the fast track to the Stanley Cup, and their preferred opponents would be the Devils. If this happens, the Stanley Cup may go to Los Angeles. 

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