Los Angeles Kings: What Each Player Should Do with the Stanley Cup

Maybe one of the most talked about things during the Stanley Cup winners' offseason is what the players do with the cup.

Lord Stanley's cup has endured a world of adventures, both strange and normal. It's been left in the back of a cab, taken to Disneyland, and made countless cakes and jello-molds I'm sure.

The Kings have 25 guys on the roster, along with coaches and staff, who will get a day with the cup. What they do with it is ultimately up to them.

They can be normal and just bask in its glory at home, or maybe take it to their hometown. Or maybe they want to put on Spider Man costumes and blow chocolate milk bubbles out of the top of it. (Oh wait, that was already done by Dustin Brown's kids.)

Either way, here are some suggestions for the players on what they should do with their day with Hockey's Holy Grail.

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