Los Angeles Kings: Revived Captain Dustin Brown Speaks

Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown has been a vital asset to the club’s revival this season, as well as the team’s balance wheel.

Renowned for his bone-crushing hits, Brown has been one of the hottest NHLers and plays an all-round game with superlative leadership qualities.

The Fischler Report discussed the following topics with the Kings' Captain:


His assessment of the Kings' season:

It’s been up and down, but we’ve been playing more consistently since Darryl Sutter came in. We haven’t performed to the best of our ability, but we’re in a playoff spot and that’s our main goal -- to make it to the playoffs.


On the Kings' realistic targets:

It’s the Stanley Cup. We’ve made it to the playoffs that last couple of years and the next step is getting to the Finals. As a team, if you aren’t pushing for the Finals, then you’ve already lost.


On coach Darryl Sutter:

He’s brought more of an emotional attachment in preparing our club each game. Darryl’s main priority is making sure that his players are mentally prepared and ready to play. Terry Murray was more about game plans than Darryl is, but both coaches are knowledgeable and know how to play the game the right way.


On coming from Ithaca, New York:

I worked hard to get noticed and everything worked for me. The main thing for me growing up was having fun; my goal was never to make it to the NHL when I was young. I am fortunate to have played hockey in Ithaca and it’s something that I will never forget.


On how he plays the game:

I’m a power, physical forward that plays at both ends. I’m the type of player that is willing to do anything for the club. I can play on the power play, penalty kill or...

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