Los Angeles Kings: Focus the Key as Kings Plow Their Way to the Finals

It's been an impressive run—ten wins and one loss this postseason.

Is there a team that is hotter then the Los Angeles Kings? No. Is there a team that looks more together in their style right now? No.

Is there any team out there that believes in themselves more then this squad right now? Probably not.

But when you look at some of the postgame interviews from the Kings players and coaches throughout the playoffs, you'd think this was just another win in Game 54 of the regular season.

The Kings are going about their business on and off the ice with one thing in mind—focus.

It's been a tumultuous season for the Kings, fans and players alike. But even with the postseason success, the job is not yet done and business is business. Darryl Sutter has made sure the team knows it.

Sutter's unexcitable, almost stoic attitude has been on full display since the first round. Going into Game 4 and leading 3-0 in the series against the Presidents' Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks, his response was evidence of that.

"We still have to learn how to win, right? You don’t get nothing for three ..." he said, according to LA Kings Insider.

Again, leading 3-0 in the series against the best defensive team in the league, the St. Louis Blues, Sutter told The Chicago Tribune, "... we can't get too high on ourselves. It's 3-0 right now but the fourth game is going to be the hardest to close out ..."

And maybe you'd think he'd be happy with the stunning performances of his team, but Sutter is doing just what he needs to do. He is keeping this team down to earth.

Given the play, the long breaks between series, and the nasty, physical test the Kings have endured, it would be easy for a team to lose focus. They could have lost patience, realized how close they were and grip the stick.

However, the beat marches on, and Sutter and the Kings have r...

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