Los Angeles Kings: 3 Reasons Anze Kopitar is a Superstar

Jack Skille, Devin Setoguchi, Gilbert Brule, Luc Bourdon, Benoit Pouliot and Jack Johnson: What do these players have in common?

In 2005, they were all drafted ahead of Slovenian Center Anze Kopitar.

Looking back, it's really not all that crazy to say that Kopitar could have been drafted No. 2 overall behind Sidney Crosby. But there are a lot of strange things about the 2005 Draft that we could talk about aside from this—Stastny in the second round? Letang in the third? Yandle in the fourth?

Point is, in the last five years in the "small market" of Los Angeles, not a lot of folks have noticed the diamond buried out west that is Anze Kopitar. He is a big, young, skilled center, with several qualities that would make him a "superstar" by default in a place like Pittsburgh or Detroit.

But make no mistake, Anze Kopitar is a superstar. The fans of Los Angeles know it, the team knows it, the organization knows it. and with the Kings getting better and making more postseason progress, the league better get ready to know it.

The 24-year-old has the skills, he has the attitude and the success is right around the corner. 

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