LA Kings: Will the Big Contracts They Have in Place Hurt Them in the Long Run?

The Los Angeles Kings. Stanley Cup Champions, 13th-youngest roster in the NHL (26.89 average age) and 11th-highest payroll in the NHL.

Pretty good numbers, right? Nothing to fear here! The team has a number of young players and key stars signed to long-term deals, and the entire roster is back from last year's Stanley Cup-winning squad.

But as we all know in the world of the NHL, it isn't about being a one-and-done. It's about the long-term success. It's about the future. It's about being a dynasty.

Dean Lombardi has taken steps in signing core players to very long-term, and lucrative deals. However, is this a good thing? Is this how dynasties are built? Are these wise decisions?

Well, first of all, let's talk about just what contracts the Kings have taken or signed players to that are almost alarmingly long. (via

Mike Richards: Eight years remaining, $5.75 Mil cap hit, 27 years old

Jonathan Quick: 10 years remaining, $5.8 Mil cap hit, 26 years old

Jeff Carter: 10 years remaining, $5.272 Mil cap hit, 27 years old

Drew Doughty: Seven years remaining, $7 Mil cap hit, 22 years old

Perhaps you are looking at those four contracts and saying to yourself, "Okay, I can live with that." And that is totally understandable. At least for the next couple of years that is.

I, for one, think Drew Doughty's contract will pay dividends shortly, and when he is up for an extension in six or seven years' time, it will seem well worth the money. However, looking at Richards, Carter and Quick, while those contracts seem reasonable right now, how about thinking about them in six years or so, when all three of those players are 33 years old and eating up nearly $17 million dollars in cap space?

Add to that the number of extensions the Kings will need to hand out to other key players like Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar in two and four years re...

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