LA Kings Visit President Obama at White House: Photos, Comments and More

For the second time in three years, President Barack Obama was made an honorary Los Angeles Kings fan for a day. The President was visited by the defending Stanley Cup champions on Monday, who presented him with the typical pile of gifts as Mr. Obama heaped praises on Darryl Sutter's team for overcoming the odds yet again.   

The Kings visited President Obama alongside the MLS champion Los Angeles Galaxy. Mark Knoller of CBS News noted that while the Galaxy offered the typical jersey treatment, the Kings offered a more non-standard prize to commemorate their second visit:

Kings insider Jon Rosen provided a quote from the President, who seemed borderline thrilled with the hockey stick:

The Kings' visit coincides with their in-season visit to the nation's capital to play the Washington Capitals on Tuesday. Since Mr. Obama took office, only his hometown Chicago Blackhawks and the Kings have been repeat visitors from the NHL.     

"Being a Chicago fan I'm a little resentful," President Obama said, per Jim Alexander of The Press-Enterprise. "This is an embarrassment of riches ...The Kings have done the unthinkable: turned a place with no snow, no ice and no winter into a hockey town."

The President was also honoring the Galaxy, arguably the class of Major League Soccer, for the second time in three seasons.

Despite having been there two years ago, many Los Angeles players came into Monday's ceremony offering reverent quotes about the experience. 

"I had never been to the White House before that," center Trevor Lewis said, per Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times. "Growing up as an American, obviously it's not every day that you get to do that, and it's pretty cool, pretty special to do. To shake the president's hand is a pretty cool thing to do."

As has been the case many ...

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