LA Kings Parade 2012: Stars Who Will Captivate Fans During Celebration

There are a number of L.A. Kings players that have the ability to captivate fans during the parade, and it would seem that the partying has just begun. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a grind, and now that it is over the players can relax and let off some steam.

There are players on this roster that have been known for doing this during the season. Now with a reason to have a party, things are going to get silly in Los Angeles for a little while. The Kings have never won the Cup before this year, ending a 45-year dry spell.

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were bounced out of Philadelphia together, and the rumors circulated that their partying had gotten out of control. There was wide speculation that their “off the ice” ways had caught up with them. If Richards and Carter were partying before a Cup win, imagine what they are doing now.

Mike Richards was the captain, and Jeff Carter was a 40-goal scorer. These are not the kind of players that you simply dismiss. The Kings hit a home run by getting these two, as they are both very good hockey players.

Goaltender Jonathan Quick has every reason to be in a joyful mood these days. He just carried his team to a Stanley Cup championship. He won the Conn Smythe trophy as the most valuable player in the playoffs, and he is up for the Vezina Trophy, a regular season award that goes to the league’s top goalie.

Quick is only 26 years old, and he has many reasons to be playful during the parade and ensuing celebrations that will spread out over the summer. He has emerged as one of the league’s best goalies, and the numbers he put up in the playoffs were other worldly.


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