Kings vs. Devils: Loss of Momentum Will Be Disasterous for L.A.

The Los Angeles Kings are going to regret giving the New Jersey Devils the glimmer of hope that is home ice and a chance to play another day and fight for the Stanley Cup.

Momentum is huge in the Stanley Cup finals, and the Kings just lost it.

They could have ended it clean and ended it swiftly at home. They could have lifted the Cup in front of their adoring and long-suffering fanbase. They could have made life easy on themselves and much less stressful for all involved, but they dropped that chance with they dropped Game 4, 3-1.

The Devils may be facing elimination, but the pressure is squarely on the Kings in Game 5 now.

Don't underestimate what hope can bring to a team with their backs against the wall, especially when the Stanley Cup is involved. The Devils are still alive. They know it, and their fans know it. Everybody in the building will know it come Game 5, and that will make the Prudential Center the toughest arena to play at in the world come Saturday night.

Desperation is a powerful motivator, and the Devils and their fans will be full of it.

Don't let the numbers fool you, at this point of the playoffs you can throw all of them out the window.

The numbers would indicate that the Kings are incredible on the road and they've already taken two on New Jersey's home ice. They would also tell you that Jonathan Quick is becoming one of the best goalies in the league and all they have to do is win one more game. It seems as if the numbers would favor the Kings.

None of that matters now though, because this is a whole new series.

New Jersey has nothing to lose and they're back at home with renewed life. Los Angeles, on the other hand, has the pressure of an empty trophy case and a highly competitive sports city on their backs. Every moment the Devils stay alive is an added moment of pressure on the Kings.


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