Flyers’ Fans Need to Drop the Grudge and Root for the Los Angeles Kings

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren pulled off two cataclysmic trades that changed the identity of the Philadelphia Flyers on June 23, 2011. Mike Richards, the team captain, landed in Los Angeles, and Jeff Carter went (albeit begrudgingly and with significant prodding from his new team's brass) to Columbus.

Most Flyers fans, as evidenced by Twitter feeds and message boards, have rooted against the Kings in the first three rounds of the playoffs. Many Flyers fans have expressed that they cannot even bear to watch the Stanley Cup Final between the Kings and New Jersey Devils.

Philadelphia is a beleaguered city. That is harsh but true. Those who believe in curses and hexes may argue that a dark cloud hovers over Philadelphia. They could be right.

Philadelphians will count the nearly glorified playoff runs of the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies throughout the year. They will certainly remember the devastating injuries and the controversial calls.

Philadelphians watched as upstart teams like the 1984 New Jersey Nets and the 2010 San Francisco Giants won playoff series over heavily favored Philadelphia teams. Philadelphia fans have watched in horror, disgust and disdain as vilified rival cities like New York and Boston hoist Stanley Cups, NBA Championships, World Series titles and Vince Lombardi (NFL) Trophies.

It's late spring, and sometimes Philadelphians need to take a deep breath and let the hate go, at least temporarily. The Phillies are off to a dismal 12-19 start at home with a power outage in the lineup and no consistent set-up man on the roster. The union is dismantling a team that was just beginning to come together.

Doting on these negatives is just unhealthy and unproductive. Instead, the positives—the seeming ascension of the 76ers, the Grade A 2012 draft by the Eagles and the growth of the Flyers with superstar-in-the-making Claude Giroux—need to be accentuated.


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