Drew Doughty: LA Kings Star Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Assault

The celebratory mood of Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty certainly didn't last long after his team won the Stanley Cup last week. A woman has accused him of sexually assaulting her earlier in the year, according to Jack Leonard and Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times.

The case is currently under review, but Doughty's attorney Craig Renetzky expects it to be rejected this week, according to the report. Nothing regarding the identity of the woman, the precise nature or location of the alleged assault has come to light as of yet.

On the ice, Doughty continued his ascent to the status of elite NHL defenseman. His statistics during the regular season were a bit disappointing after he signed an eight-year, $56 million deal with the Kings last offseason, but that was simply a microcosm of the team's offensive struggles prior to the playoffs.

Doughty and the Kings in general were completely different in the postseason, however. The superstar defenseman bounced back from 36 points and a minus-two rating during the regular season, racking up 16 points in just 20 playoff games and an impressive plus-11 as well. Along with goaltender Jonathan Quick, Doughty was the anchor that led L.A. to its first Stanley Cup win.

Doughty is very much in the public eye after winning the Stanley Cup and these accusations figure to damage his reputation whether they’re true or not. He gained a lot of traction this season in terms of becoming one of the league’s best rearguards, but you have to wonder if something like this might weigh heavily on his mind. If a legal battle stems from these allegations, then Doughty will likely have a hard time focusing on taking that next step in his career.

Doughty's attorney seems confident that the case will be dropped very soon, though, so perhaps Doughty can go back to celebrating the win and preparing for a potential repeat next season, of which there have been...

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