6 Obscure Places the Los Angeles Kings Should Take Lord Stanley’s Cup

One week later and the Los Angeles Kings have already been spotted at Dodgers Stadium and in Las Vegas with Lord Stanley's Cup. What will be next on the year long process that comes with protecting and transporting such an iconic trophy?

Beginning in 1995 the Stanley Cup was given a new tradition of traveling for one day with each of the players on the winning team. Ever since then, the Stanley Cup has traveled to almost every place imaginable and has cemented its rock star status.  

Players in the past have been known to take the Cup to some remote locations and even sleep with it when requested, so expect nothing short of madness this season. Winning a championship is terrific, but being able to masquerade around town with Lord Stanley’s Cup adds even more excitement and drama to the 2012 NHL offseason. 

Here are six obscure places where the Los Angeles Kings should take Lord Stanley’s Cup this offseason, culminating the year of hard work and dedication.  

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