5 Reasons Why the Los Angeles Kings Should Be Feared in 2013-14 Playoffs

The Los Angeles Kings will likely face the divisional rival San Jose Sharks in the first round of the 2013-14 playoffs. Having met last year in the Western Conference semifinals, the two Californian clubs match up well and are familiar with each other in a postseason setting.

Both are deep, stellar in net and rooted in puck possession.

It should be another great battle, as the Kings and Sharks duked it out over seven games in 2013 before L.A. ultimately prevailed.

Regardless of their opponent—there’s still a slim chance that the Sharks will win the Pacific Division and avoid the Kings in the quarterfinals—Darryl Sutter’s men are not a team to be taken lightly.

Here are five reasons why that is.


Advanced statistics courtesy of Behind the Net, Extra Skater and Hockey-Reference.com.

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