5 Reasons to Believe the LA Kings Could Beat the Blues in the Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are right around the corner, and the postseason's landscape is already starting to take shape.

Among the teams in the top three of the Western Conference are the St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings. Both of these teams have had better than expected seasons, pushing their teams into top contenders for the Stanley Cup.

The Blues are a team that turned their season around, at one point being a non-contender. Luckily, they have turned their season around and are among the top contenders in the NHL. It looks like they will probably be a No. 2 seed, possibly the No. 1 seed if they can pass the Vancouver Canucks.

The Kings are destined to be the third seed, as they are probably going to be the winners of the Pacific Division.

Although the Blues have been a force this season and are among the top couple favorites to win this tournament, if they are to run into the Kings, there is a very good chance the Kings could win the series.

Here are five reasons why the Kings could give the Blues a run for their money should they meet in the playoffs.  

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